Semi-Automated Irrigation through Wheel Line Movers

Wheel move movers are portable sprinkler systems that are re-positioned in fields and serve as a semi-automated crop irrigation option for farmers. In addition to the systems themselves, Farmore of Idaho Standley & Company offers wheel move components including power movers, lateral pipes with wheels, sprinklers, couplers, connectors and flexible supply lines. With regular maintenance, you can be confident that your wheel move system will last a long time. Call us to learn more about our available irrigation systems and components.

We build and repair our very own Farmore Brand movers. But also carry and sell Wade Rain. Wheel lines and movers are normally used in the "corner" of fields where pivots can't reach. Sometimes in smaller fields that pivots won't fit or work properly. A lot of times people with pastures will put wheel lines in to keep grass tall for their livestock at a lower cost than a big pivot. There are many different reason to use a wheel line and mover. The mover allows the farmer to get his line moved quickly instead of unhooking each pipe walking it through the field and going back for the next joint of pipe. We can repair, weld, and install all aspects of wheel line movers.