Pontoons for Floating Pumps Available for Purchase

Farmore of Idaho Standley & Company offers pontoons for floating pumps. These pontoons are designed with varying buoyancy capacities to work for all pumps. They are also resistant to corrosion and chemicals so you can rest assured knowing that they will last for a long time. Call us today to learn more about our pontoons.

We can design and fabricate pontoons for floating pumps or any application. Or customers can purchase GEA pontoons from our manure equipment specialist. Pontoons float in the lagoons or ponds and hold a pump and motor that delivers water to pivots and dairy applications. We can repair worn out pontoons or build them new in house.

We design and fabricate irrigation cans to hold, and redirect water coming from head gates, main line or ponds. The can is installed into the ground and "tied into" the water source using heavy wall steel pipe. The can fills with water and redirects the water to whatever outlet has been added to the CMP (can). Sometimes the outlets in the can are equip with gates. With gates on the outlets and inlets, farmers can control where the water comes from and goes to, if there are several pivots or ponds connected to the same can. We also build bubblers for the cans. When dirty pond or canal water comes through the bubbler it uses gravity to push the water up through the can witch then falls back over a screen (that we build) to clear out any large trash or debris that could clog up the sprinkler system.